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December 1998

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The College is making progress on key issues. But a new crisis is looming as the generation of educators who entered the system in the 1960s retires.

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Remembering Ontario teachers who served in the First World War. The College will establish an archive in the memory of teachers whose contribution far exceeded the "duties of teachers."

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Letters to the Editor


Cover Story: Teachers Retire in Droves

School boards and the teaching profession face a huge challenge as almost half of Ontario’s teachers reach retirement age in the next 10 years. Shortages will hit almost every subject and every part of the province very soon. inside2.jpg (17894 bytes)


When Parents Mark Homework

Students do better when parents mark their homework … and both children and their families enjoy the experience.


From the Policy to the Classroom

Subject associations help teachers transform policy into classroom work.


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Peter Gzowski is famous for his words. Is it any wonder that his three remarkable teachers all taught English?


The Blue Pages

College bulletins with need-to-know information for Ontario teachers.


Animation culturelle

Animation culturelle is part of daily life in Ontario’s French schools.


Safe Students, Safe Schools

School boards and their staffs are implementing a wide range of measures to ensure that students are safe – codes of behaviour, zero tolerance policies, special programs. Underlying these initiatives is the duty of care that teachers, principals and supervisory officers must fulfill.


The Remarkable Edna Izzard

Farley Mowat praised his former teacher Edna Izzard for helping him become a professional writer. Now another former student says that Edna Izzard was far more than an exceptional teacher.


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Teaching in Japan – a high-status, high-stress profession. A former North York Board of Education teacher talks about his experience teaching in Japan.


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The art of searching the ’net – defining your search criteria is the key.


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Answers to the questions you are asking.


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Professional news for members.


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Conferences and events of interest to members of the profession.