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December 1999

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chair.jpg (4263 bytes) Teachers Can Play an Important Role in College Committee Work

Council is looking for ways to involve more College members in the work of the ever-growing number of sub-committees and panels.

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Members Are Asking for More from Additional Qualification Courses

Teachers flocked to summer institutes for professional learning on new curriculum and its delivery.

Cover Story:
Retirements Open the Door to record number of New Teachers

A record number of new teachers are entering the profession in Ontario – we look at where they came from.

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Mentoring in the New Millenium
As the profession undergoes sweeping change, teachers’ concept of mentoring must also change.

Teachers Pursue Professional Learning
Even a recent study by the leading test provider in the U.S. can’t provide clear answers about how testing works best, or if it is the best way to improve accountability of the profession.

"Effortless" Teaching Earns Governal-General Award
The winner of the 1999 Governor-General’s Award for Excellence in Teaching Canadian History is an Ontario teacher with a talent for making Canadian history important to new Canadians.

Opening Your eyes to the World of Teaching
The Canadian Educational Exchange Foundation helps teachers and students find new learning experiences abroad.

Remarkable Teachers

Broadcaster Elwy Yost talks about his days as a teacher and how they led to a career in television.

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Blue Pages
College bulletins with need-to-know information for Ontario teachers.

Fostering Resilience in Troubled Students
Research shows that teachers and schools play an important role in helping students survive a troubled childhood.

Teachers at Brandon Gate Open Doors
Teachers at a school serving an immigrant community tackle Grade 3 testing – and the kids succeed.


Three sites that help and a redesigned look for the   College site at www.oct.ca

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Notes on a wide range of books – from guides to help you teach science to Raffi’s autobiography.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Membership Services answers your calls.
psnews.jpg (4079 bytes) pscal.jpg (5041 bytes) Conferences and events of interest to members of the profession.