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Most math teachers will already know about www.oame.on.ca and www.statcan.ca/english/edu/teachers.htm. But there are numerous other sites that could inspire both you and your students.

by Lisa Recker-Perera

Mathematically yours

Education Network



for all grades

Education Network of Ontario has a great site for all subject areas and grade levels. Click on Curriculinks for links to numerous Canadian resources. Emphasis in mathematics is on Grades 6 to 12. Resources are listed with descriptions and curriculum connections. The home page provides a range of other relevant teaching information.




leap on in

Mathfrog is an excellent site where you can access many 45- to 60-minute lessons for Grades 4 to 6. The lessons are intended for use as reinforcement at the end of a unit, and each contains worksheets and either a math game or a technological tool.

The Master List button leads to a well organized chart of activities with notations regarding strand and expectation. From the cemc site, follow the links English Resources mathfrog.




share resources

This promising new site from the University of Waterloo has been up and running since August 2005. The site is intended for teachers to share anything they think may be useful to colleagues. There are many resources for Grades 9 to 12; just click on Search for Resources.

Teacher exchange



lesson exchange

Drexel University in Pennsylvania offers a teacher exchange for pre-Kindergarten to Grade 12. All you need to do is click on Find a Lesson, and then select your grade. Lessons are organized by strand. The site is well designed and easy to navigate. Browse its Teacher Resources for your grade.

National Council



high quality tools

The National Council of Teachers of Mathematics promotes high-quality math learning and is very active in supporting teachers. This site offers over 150 lessons for pre-K to Grade 12. The lessons are sorted by grade and strand. They include objectives, worksheets, follow-up, extensions and related web sites.




brain teasers and puzzles

This site contains thousands of puzzles, brainteasers, games and optical illusions. New puzzles are posted weekly. Click on the Are You a Teacher? button. Material is fun, motivating and offers a challenge to your students.

Check it out!

NetWatch editor Lynda Scarrow invited Lisa Recker-Perera of the Niagara DSB to review math sites for this issue. Recker-Perera teaches calculus and data management at Sir Winston Churchill SS in St. Catharines. She is former head of the mathematics department at Fort Erie SS.

Not all sites are available in both English and French. For additional sites or for French sites related to this topic, visit Cyberespace.

Lynda Scarrow is the College's web editor. She can be reached at lscarrow@oct.ca.