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by Lynda Scarrow

Teacherís toolbox

Virtual Museum

Arts Edge

Canadian Content

What a wonderful way to access lesson plans and content from museums across the country. Sign up to view more than 700,000 images and learning materials organized by theme, grade and province. Then customize your own section of the site, adding materials and multimedia resources from individual lessons. The Help tour is the best Flash explanation of how a site works that I have seen.

PBS Teacher Resources

Incredible Art Department

Imagination Station

This site has easy-to-access information. Choose a category, select a grade and topic and immediately see the number and type of resources and whether there are on/offline materials or multimedia options. Links include lots of supplementary information.

Learning in Hand

Larry's Toon Institute

Learning 2.0

Grade 5 teacher Tony Vincent, from the US, is a leader in integrating hand-held technology into the classroom. His site offers software collections, the best Web links for handhelds, complete lesson plans and an informative blog. Lesson plans include ones for mobile devices.



multimedia at your fingertips

High-quality online teacher videos are the best part of this well-designed Washington-based site. Sign up once, and then skip right to Workshops and Courses for free materials – other links lead to paid items. Easy-to-use front-page navigation expands to access multidisciplinary grade-specific workshops. The Teaching Foreign Languages Workshop (Grades K-12), for example, includes reflection-and-action research materials, supportive articles and an assignment that you view before the videos.

Home-Grown Favourites


well-known options

image Many teachers are aware of standard provincial and national teacher-resource web sites, including three that are frequently cited: Curriculum Services Canada, TVO and e-Learning Ontario. And, of course, the Ministry of Education as well as your local board and affiliates offer many curriculum-related resources online.

And more


These three sites include hundreds of links to education-specific web pages and/or other resources for teachers.

Site Warning 

While reviewing sites for this column, I visited one that downloaded a virus onto my computer. That particular site is now clean and this problem is rare – I have visited hundreds of educational sites and this is the first such incident – but it’s a good idea to exercise caution when accessing any web site.

To protect yourself you may want to search for and access sites via known search engines. Google adds: “This site may harm your computer” to sites it identifies as unsafe to access.

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