Last spring, Registrar Joe Atkinson suggested that Professionally Speaking take a look at a day in the life of teachers. Within a few days, we had a list of hundreds of great teachers recommended by colleagues as people worth spending a day with. Narrowing the list to a manageable number was the most difficult task in the entire project.

Itís Thursday, September 20, a couple of weeks into the school year. The headlines in the daily 
newspapers are about the U.S. military getting ready to respond to terrorist attacks in 
New York and Washington.

The front-page photos are of American sailors saying goodbye to their families. Itís only 
nine days after the terrorist attack at the World Trade Center and the Pentagon.

On this day, Education Minister Janet Ecker announces that the Ontario government is going 
to introduce legislation during the fall session to protect Ontarioís students from sexual abuse.

There was no special reason to pick this day to follow 13 teachers. But thereís nothing ordinary about 
a day in school, either.


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