Membership Services Answers Frequently Asked Questions
When calling Membership Services, please have your College registration number or Social Insurance Number at hand to help us serve you better.

Iím a secondary school teacher and I have just completed the Junior Division as my third Basic Qualification to satisfy the prerequisites for entrance to the Principal's Qualification Program. As this qualification is not currently listed on my record with the College, can I gain admission to Part 1 of the Principal's Qualification Program now?

You can be admitted into Part 1 of the Principalís Qualification Program if you apply for conditional admission to the program at a faculty of education of your choice or an approved provider. To apply for conditional admission, you must complete the Conditional Admission to Principalís Qualification Program (PQP), Part 1 Course Form which can be requested by contacting Client Services.
The registrar of the institution where you completed the prerequisite will be required to fill out Section A of the form to confirm that the prerequisite has been successfully completed. The registrar of the faculty where you have applied for admission to the Part 1 PQP will be required to fill out Section B. You will also need to sign the form. This form will be retained by the faculty or provider offering the principalís course to confirm conditional admission. Once this form is completed, the white copy goes to the College, the yellow copy to the faculty or provider offering the PQP and you keep the pink copy.
Once you have completed the PQP, Part 1 and submitted a copy of the Certificate of Qualification/Letter of Acknowledgment from the College to the institution offering the course indicating that all prerequisites have been completed and registered, the PQP Part 1 recommendation should be sent to the College. Upon receipt of the recommendation, the College will review your file to ensure that all the prerequisites have been satisfied. If you meet the prerequisites, the College will enter Part 1 of the Principalís Qualification Program on your Certificate of Qualification.

My mother, who is acting on my behalf while Iím living abroad, called the College to obtain some information about the status of my file. However, College staff would not provide the information I needed. Why wonít the College provide information about a member to anyone other than the member?

College staff are bound by a requirement in the Ontario College of Teachers Act to maintain confidentiality in all matters relating to members. An employee who is convicted of breaching member confidentiality is subject to fines up to $25,000. Therefore, information about a member can be provided only to a member. It may be provided to his or her counsel or to another person only if the member consents in writing to the release of the information or if the information is part of the public information on the Collegeís register of members. The public register is available via the College web site at
This public information includes the memberís name, registration number, information about the type of certificate held by the member, the memberís degree(s), program of professional education, Basic and Additional Qualifications, terms or conditions placed on the certificate and a notation of any revocation, cancellation or suspension. Any finding of professional misconduct or incompetence would also appear.
College staff are unable to release information other than this to a spouse, family member or third party or take action on your file at their request without prior written authorization.

Iím currently in good standing for 2001 and will be retiring in January 2002. As I may be doing some supply teaching in 2002, should I notify the College of my retirement at this time?

No. In order to teach in a publicly funded school, a teacher must be a member in good standing of the Ontario College of Teachers. Therefore it is best for your membership status to remain in good standing as opposed to retired if you wish to supply teach for a school board in the 2002. Once you have retired from both full-time and supply teaching, please notify the College in writing of your retirement and we will change your status to "Retired" and issue you a Certificate of Recognition

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