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Individual Learning Options Broaden PLP Credit Possibilities

College members can now design their own professional learning activities for PLP credit.

THANKS to a new process, conference attendance, action research and classroom or school-specific learning may count towards College members' Professional Learning Program (PLP) credits.
The Professional Learning Committee has approved a plan to enable College members to design learning activities that may not have been previously approved as courses. Members will be able to identify personal development that meets their needs and then, working with an approved provider, have the activity submitted to the College for approval.

The Individual Learning Option (ILO) was developed in response to College members who feared that professional growth in situations outside of traditional learning courses or activities offered by approved providers would not earn PLP credits.

"An ILO submission will have to meet the same criteria as any other professional learning, but it gives members additional scope in directing their own professional growth," said Professional Learning Program manager Rick Chambers.

The submission process will be the same as any other professional learning activity. A College member will approach a provider to submit the approval form, which the provider will do through the Providers' Area of the College web site. The proposal will join all other proposals sent to the Professional Learning Committee for approval.

Examples of activities that might be included are conferences in other countries, action research projects focused on specific issues of professional inquiry, and learning opportunities unique to a member's classroom and school.

Although the concept is designed to address individual professional growth, ILOs may benefit other members. For example, a conference approved for PLP credit for one member will appear on the College web site as a professional learning activity that other College members will be able to access through the approved provider.

The application for approval of this activity will need to show that the activity meets all PLP criteria. These include clear learning expectations, an application to the Ontario context, support for the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession and the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession, an appropriate assessment mechanism and a description of how the learning experience will contribute to improving student achievement.

The submission will also have to demonstrate how the learning experience includes professional inquiry and how it will promote professional growth to members of their learning community.

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