May 1997

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Membership Services Answers Some
Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to join the Ontario College of Teachers?

Anyone who is qualified to teach in Ontario is eligible for membership in the College.

This includes anyone who currently holds an Ontario Teaching certificate or Letter of Standing, who may be:

  • employed in a public or private school
  • a staff member at a faculty of education, community college or university
  • an occasional or unemployed teacher employed by the Ministry of Education and Training or in the private sector.

Membership is a requirement for anyone who wishes to maintain their Ontario teaching certificate or wants to contribute to the Ontario Teachers Pension Plan.

What is the membership fee? What period does it cover?

The membership fee is $90 - the lowest fee charged by self-regulating professional colleges in Ontario. The fee covers the calendar year (January 1 to December 31).

I’m a retired teacher. Should I join the College?

As a retired teacher, you are required to join the Ontario College of Teachers only if you plan to teach in a publicly-funded school - even on an occasional basis. If you do not plan to do any teaching in the future but would like to maintain your teaching credentials or keep up with developments in education, you may choose to join the College.

I hold an Ontario Teaching Certificate but I’m not currently teaching. Should I join the College?

By joining the College, you will be kept informed and up to date on services offered to teachers and policies and programs implemented by the College, like new professional development programs. And membership in the College is an investment in your future - you will keep your teaching credentials current.

What will happen to teachers who do not pay their annual membership fee?

The College will invoice any member whose fees haven’t been paid by mid-July. Members who do not pay their invoices within 60 days will be charged a $25 late payment fee.

Members who do not pay during this 60-day invoice period will be sent a registered letter warning them that their membership in the College will be suspended. If they still do not pay, their membership will be suspended and they will be required to pay a reinstatement fee in addition to the $90 membership fee. Suspended members are not eligible to teach in publicly-funded schools in Ontario.

Should teachers working in independent schools, or in faculties at community colleges and universities where an Ontario Teaching Certificate is not required as a condition of employment, join the College?

Any teacher with an Ontario Teaching Certificate or equivalent who wishes to keep that certificate valid should register with the College. Only teachers holding valid Ontario Teaching Certificates may pay into the Teachers’ Pension Plan. So teachers holding an Ontario Teaching Certificate and paying into the Ontario Teachers’ Pension Plan are required to register with the College.