June 2013


Breaking Down Technology

The latest gadgets, gear and apps galore designed for your classroom.

Off-Duty Lessons

When they’re not in class, teachers pursue all sorts of fascinating hobbies, side jobs and volunteer work. Meet five who wowed us.

Autism Now

A lot has changed in the way this multi-faceted disorder is diagnosed and managed. How does this impact teachers?

Bringing Words to Life

The College hopes its new Native Language AQ will make a graphic difference.

Professional Advisory on Safety in Learning Environments

The College’s latest professional advisory is intended to inform your professional judgment regarding the safety of students in all learning situations.

Safety from the Inside Out

Developing student courage is key to keeping schools safe

The Digital Lifeline

What you should know about student technology use in school crisis events.


At the College

From the Chair

Registrar's Report

Letters to the Editor


In Your Profession / In Your Classroom / Tools of the Trade


Exemplary OCT

Meet Carmen Gassi, OCT, the maestro behind the beautiful beats and mind-blowing melodies at White Oaks.

Remarkable Teacher

Rising star Kevin Zegers reveals how his elementary teacher helped cultivate his confidence and ultimately changed the course of his life.

Final Exam

Arctic Air’s Adam Beach recalls how his high school guidance counsellor helped shine a light on darker days.


Tech Class

Mike Santolupo, OCT, is taking high school tech design to a new level.


The Tudors according to Cromwell / The Energy of Slaves / Dreamland: Adventures in the Strange Science of Sleep / The Emperor of Paris / The Art of Fielding / Quiet / Conning Harvard

Governing Ourselves

Council Summary