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Governing Ourselves

eVote 2006 (PDF)


eVote 2006: PDF

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Standards update

College Council approves revised standards

The College Council approved revised ethical standards and standards of practice at its June 8 meeting, concluding a review of the standards that incorporated the input of approximately 9,000 members of the College, education stakeholders, parents, students and other members of the public.

The new standards are available on the College web site and will be published as a centre pullout in the December issue of Professionally Speaking.

The Council ordered the review to ensure that the standards continue to reflect the evolving nature of the teaching profession.

“The ethical standards and standards of practice both guide and inspire members of the teaching profession,” said Council chair Marilyn Laframboise. “Our members and the public who participated in this process have refined the standards in a way that meets both our members' and the public's expectations of effective practice.”

“It's important that members of the College see themselves and the work they do every day described in the standards,” says Jennifer Pitt, chair of the Standards of Practice and Education Committee, which oversaw the review and revision of the standards. “Members who participated in the review provided essential insights into both the strengths and the limitations of the original ethical standards and standards of practice.”

The revised standards have changed in content and emphasis, with the ethical standards being given greater emphasis in the presentation of the two sets of standards. The 12 ethical rules, practices and principles have been re-articulated as four qualities – care, respect, trust and integrity – that guide the profession and provide a core from which the standards of practice radiate.

Revisions to the standards of practice are less extensive. There is an increased emphasis on professionalism, collaboration and accountability that has been supplemented with concepts of mentorship and teachers as role models.