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Electronic voting

The election of the fourth College Council will be conducted entirely online through the Members’ Area of the College web site at www.oct.ca. Every member of the College in good standing at midnight on August 25, 2006 will be eligible to vote.

Participating in the election is straightforward. You will log in to your Members’ Area account, accessible from the main page of the College web site, and follow the instructions. If you have not yet opened your account you can do so quickly and easily by visiting www.oct.ca and clicking on the Members tab at the top of the page.

Election ballots will be available in the Members’ Area from 12:01 AM on Tuesday, September 5 until midnight October 24, 2006. You will have access to a ballot for each of the positions you are eligible to vote for.

The voting function will be removed from the web site at midnight October 24.

The ballots will be tabulated and verified October 25. Results will be posted on the College web site October 26, 2006.