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What position are you seeking?

The 23 elected Council positions represent separate electoral categories, each having its own nomination criteria, to ensure geographic, elementary, secondary and system representation. The elected positions consist of:

  • 12 regional positions
  • seven system positions
  • four additional category positions (principal/vice-principal, supervisory officer, faculty of education and private school).

To serve on Council you must be in good standing with the College, reside in Ontario and – if you’re seeking a regional or system seat  – be assigned as part of an employer’s regular teaching staff to provide instructional services in an elementary or secondary school.

Six of the regional positions are open to regular part-time or occasional teachers as well as full-time teaching staff; all other regional and system positions are open only to full-time staff.

Part-time and occasional teachers are eligible to serve if they will teach for at least 10 days during each year of their term of office. If you are elected to a part-time position you will need to remain employed and provide evidence of 10 teaching days each year in order to stay in office.

If you are a guidance counsellor, librarian, mentor or consultant directed to supervise or co-ordinate subjects or programs, you are considered to be providing instructional services and are eligible to run for regional and system positions.

To be eligible to run for one of the category positions you must be qualified and employed in that position.

You are not eligible to serve on Council if you are employed by or are an elected or appointed official of any of 13 organizations at the provincial level or serve as a president of one of these organizations at the local level. If you do occupy one of these positions you may run for election but must resign your position and obtain the necessary employment before you can take your place on Council.

Those who sign your nomination papers – your nominators – must meet the same eligibility requirements for the position.

You cannot stand for election for more than one position.

If you are unsure about eligibility, please use the election hotline 416-961-8800 (toll-free in Ontario 1-888-534-2222), ext 559.