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new election rules

What’s changed in the last month?

We included in the June issue of Professionally Speaking as much information about the upcoming Council election as was available at the time. We expected changes as the College and Ministry of Education discussed the new election regulation and there have been a few.

Here’s a quick recap of information that is different from what we reported in the June issue.

  • There are six new positions on Council, all of them regional positions and all of them open only to full-time classroom teachers employed as part of a board’s regular staff. Previously we reported the six new positions would be five regional and one system position.
  • Part-time teachers are defined in regulation as members who will teach for at least 10 days during each year of their term of office. Previously we reported that part-time members would have to teach for at least 20 days in the 18 months prior to the election.
  • You are not eligible to serve on Council if you are employed by or are an elected or appointed official of any of 13 organizations at the provincial level or serve as a president of one of these organizations at the local level. The original proposal, which we reported in the June issue, was that no appointed or elected official at the local level would be eligible. Now, at the local level, it’s only presidents who are affected. However, members holding other positions in these organizations are eligible to run, providing they meet the employment requirements for the position.
  • The next Council’s term of office will end June 30, 2009, making it slightly longer than the two-and-a-half years we reported in the last issue.