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How can I have my recently completed AQ course count towards my professional learning record?

Only approved courses from approved providers are eligible for Professional Learning Program credit. In other words, the Professional Learning Committee must approve each individual AQ course.

The faculties of education and other providers of AQ courses also have the obligation to ask each member who completed an AQ course since June 30, 2001 for permission to report the successful completion of the course to the College. As a result, these providers must contact all the members who took AQ courses last summer and fall to seek this permission. This step in the reporting process will take some time.

Many AQ providers have begun the process of obtaining this permission. If you have not already been contacted by your AQ provider you may wish to make contact, indicating that you want your AQ to count for PLP credits. This may speed up the process.

How did the Professional Learning Committee decide that Additional Qualification courses are equivalent to four PLP course credits?

The decision to grant four PLP course credits for each AQ was made after consultations about credit equivalency with members of the Ontario Association of Deans of Education In-Service Subcommittee, school board representatives, the Ministry of Education and other educators. Their advice was that four PLP course credits be given to each AQ.

The Professional Learning Committee considered this advice and, in co-operation with the Ontario Association of Deans of Education In-Service Subcommittee, allotted four PLP course credits for each AQ.

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