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College call centre staff answer over 1,000 calls every day. Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.

Can I take more than one Additional Qualification course during my five-year Professional Learning (PL) cycle?

Absolutely! You can take as many Additional Qualifications as you like as you pursue your career and professional growth plan, provided that you meet the admission prerequisites.

My Primary Education Additional Basic Qualification appeared on my 2003 Certificate of Qualification. Why is it not listed on my Professional Learning record?

The process of reporting Additional Qualifications (AQs) for Professional Learning Program (PLP) credit is separate from having them reported on your Certificate of Qualification. Faculties of education and other AQ providers are obligated to report completion of Additional Qualification courses for your Certificate of Qualification.

However, for PLP purposes, the provider must have submitted the AQ course for PLP approval by the Professional Learning Committee and you must give the provider written permission to submit results of PLP course completion.

You should then allow up to 10 weeks, from the time the College receives the result, for it to be matched to your PL record.

If your PLP results do not appear on your PL record, you may wish to contact your course provider to find out if they have submitted your PLP course completion information.

Can I keep track of my professional activities and send a list to the College for PLP credits at the end of my cycle?
No. The Professional Learning Program is mandated by legislation that sets detailed criteria for acceptable courses or activities. The criteria include, for example, seven core categories that must be completed as well as a minimum number of hours for a course or an activity and an evaluation component. Not all Individual Learning Options (ILOs) are eligible. It is possible for members to take part in an ILO and receive credit, but the ILO must be supported by an approved PLP-provider. For a list of approved providers who support ILO activities, visit

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