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March 1999

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Q: Will the College remove a qualification/credential from my Certificate of Qualification? I don’t want to teach this subject, but if it’s on my certificate, my board may assign me to do it.

A: No. The College may not delete any qualifications/ credentials. Your Certificate of Qualification is an official record of your credentials and qualifications, required by regulation.


Q: May I apply for equivalency for any AQ?

A: No, not for Part 3 of a three-part specialist qualification, the Honour Specialist, the Principal’s Qualifications, or the Supervisory Officer’s Qualification.


Q: Can I get equivalency based on teaching experience?

A: No, equivalency is only available based on completion of appropriate coursework.


Q: I completed an Additional Qualification course. Would you please update and re-issue my Certificate of Qualification?

A: The Additional Qualification (AQ) will be added to your record when the College receives your faculty’s official confirmation that you have successfully completed the AQ.

The College will send you an official acknowledgement letter. You may use this acknowledgement letter for salary or hiring purposes, and your new AQ will appear automatically on your Certificate of Qualification when it is issued early next year. If you can’t wait until next year for an updated Certificate of Qualification, we will be happy to issue you another one, but there is a $25 fee for this service.


Q:   What is a request for equivalency? Can I get equivalency for an Additional Qualification? What do I need? Can anyone apply? Do I have to pay?

A: A request for equivalency or equivalent standing has a very specific meaning.

It refers to equivalency for an Additional Qualification based on coursework completed, usually in a master’s degree or teacher education program. Any teacher who has an Interim Certificate of Qualification or a Certificate of Qualification can apply for equivalency. You must complete an Application for Equivalent Standing and send it in together with a course description and the $50 fee. We will also need an official transcript sent directly to the College from the granting institution.

Teachers trained in Ontario may not apply for AQ equivalency based on coursework completed as part of their BEd. They may, however, qualify for equivalency based on coursework completed in other graduate or diploma programs. For example, teachers who have completed the Diploma in Early Childhood Education at an Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology may qualify for AQs in Primary Education, Parts 1 and 2. Ontario-trained teachers have to complete the equivalent standing application form and send it to the College together with the fee and course description.

Teachers trained outside Ontario do not normally need to apply for equivalent standing because the AQ equivalency assessment is carried out as part of their initial evaluation. Teachers are granted initial qualifications, and additional qualifications, if appropriate, at the same time.