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2003 Vote
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Questions and Answers About Voting

Q. I am an elementary teacher in the public system living in Ottawa. Which Council positions am I eligible to vote for?

A. When you access the Members' Area to vote, you will automatically receive a personalized electronic listing of all positions you are eligible to vote for. For full details on the electoral categories and candidates, visit www.oct.ca
You are entitled to cast one vote for your regional position, which is Position 3 - Southeast Ontario and each of the province-wide system positions for a total of eight ballots that you can cast electronically.

Q. I am employed as a principal in Windsor. Which Council positions can I vote for?

A. As a principal you are entitled to cast one vote for your regional position - Position 5 - Southwest Ontario. You are also eligible to cast one vote for the principal/vice-principal position. For full details on the electoral categories and candidates, visit www.oct.ca

Q. I assumed new responsibilities as a supervisory officer in February 2003. What do I do if my electronic ballot no longer applies to my current employment status?

A. To cast a ballot in another category, you must provide to the College in writing proof of eligibility to cast a ballot for one of the additional category positions. Upon verification by the College of the proof of eligibility, a new electronic ballot will be issued and the original ballot will then be disabled.

Q. I am a retired teacher, and a member of the College. Can I vote in the College Council elections?

A. Yes. You are eligible as a College member in good standing to cast a vote for your regional candidate and one vote for each of the province-wide system positions.

Q. How is confidential information protected with the electronic voting system?

A. The protection of confidential information is of paramount importance to the College whenever the Members' Area of the College web site is used. Information flowing to and from the Members' Area is protected by the same 128-bit encryption used by banks for their online transactions.

Each member is required to authenticate their identity to set up their private account. The e-voting system is designed to ensure that no one can tell who you voted for - only whether or not you completed and submitted a ballot.

Q. I have recently moved from Thunder Bay to start a new teaching position in Toronto. How will this affect my vote?

A. If you notify the College of your change of address online, you will have access to a new ballot that will reflect your new electoral region, which is Position 6 - Central Ontario. You will also continue to be eligible to cast one ballot for each of the province-wide system and panelpositions.

Q. Is there a help line to get more information about voting?

A. You can call the College Election Information Line at 416-961-8800 ext. 662 or toll-free in Ontario at 1-888-534-222 ext. 262.

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