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Exploring the world around us. This issue's NetWatch features the earth sciences.

by Lynda Scarrow

The natural world

Earth & Sky



a trip to the stars

This information-packed fun site includes an extensive list of radio broadcasts covering approximately 200 science topics. Read the transcript or listen to the interview. Click Skywatching for each night's sky chart and links to interviews with respected scientists. There are separate sections for teachers and kids.

Forces of Nature



do-it-yourself tornado

Create your own earthquake, hurricane, tornado or volcanic eruption. Choose the variables that affect the end result, then set the phenomena in play. Maps show hotspots, case studies provide detail and supplementary info includes film footage of natural disasters. Load times require patience.




geo treasure chest

This site is US-focused but jam-packed with geological information. It includes tsunamis, plate tectonics, satellite and topographical maps. The Teacher Resources section (lower right) has useful classroom materials.

Natural Resources Canada



Canadian resources

A one-stop depot for Canadian earth science materials, this site is basic in design with simple access to information. Topics include geological resources, geography and Arctic tutorials, with links to EarthNet, a virtual resource centre for educators.

National Ocean Service



making waves

An easy-to-navigate site with topics broken into oceans, coasts, charting and navigation. Under the Education link, you'll find discovery kits, case studies and lesson plans. See Data Explorer for searchable information on a variety of topics. See the Web Sites section for additional sites.

Earth System Education



great site for teachers

Teachers come first on this well-designed site full of in-depth information. Select from primary through grad school levels. Resource Type lets you choose lab, field, classroom and computer options plus audio and video files.

Image Bank



thousands of images

Earth Science World Image Bank is a perfect resource for students doing science projects.It has more than 6,000 earth science images.

Additional Resources

Geological Society of America

Dive and Discover

Terra - the Earth Observing System

Earth Sciences Lesson Plans

National Earth Sciences Teachers' Association

American Geological Institute

US Geological Survey

Science Daily

Not all sites are available in both English and French. For additional sites or for French sites related to this topic, visit Cyberespace.

Lynda Scarrow is the College's web editor. She can be reached at lscarrow@oct.ca.