Online Resources for Teachers

With the return to school, teachers are always looking for additional classroom resources. This issue's NetWatch offers support-based sites geared specifically to teachers.

by Lynda Scarrow

Canada's digital collection

curriculum, activities, quizzes and more

This federal web site showcases hundreds of other sites and provides an extensive collection of online educational resources, including curriculum units, classroom activities, quizzes and games. Under Educational Resources, select a subject area, a province, grade level, language (French or English) or any combination offered and receive an extensive list of links to sites and materials for use in the classroom.

CBC archives

projects for Grades 6 to 12

This well designed site houses hundreds of sound clips and articles from CBC radio and television. Click on any item for a brief synopsis of the topic or to play clips from a choice of up to 10. Use the For Teachers link to find an extensive list of assignments and projects for Grades 6 to 12.

For similar resources in French, visit

Classroom clip art

free clip art for classroom use

Classroom Clipart has a huge selection of free images for Kindergarten to Grade 12. (All images have a site-identifying watermark in the lower right-hand side.)

Free stuff for Canadian teachers

over 20 categories of free stuff

Many teachers I know often purchase materials to supplement school supplies. This site offers a one-stop source for free classroom materials. There are more than 25 categories to choose from, including audio-video materials, teacher guides, kits and worksheets. Click the By Province link for free stuff in Ontario.

Ed select

links that connect

This is bare-bones site in terms of design, but EdSelect features teacher- and student-chosen links for educational web sites that match Ontario's curriculum.

Grade-level ratings are provided and web addresses are broken down into curriculum areas.

The site's co-ordinator, Pat Elliott, a certified Ontario teacher with library specialist qualifications, has created these information-packed web pages with multiple levels of links specifically for Ontario teachers.

New teachers' survival guide

ideas and advice for new teachers

The New Teachers' Survival Guide is just that. This site offers easy-to-navigate information on getting organized, classroom management, discipline, grading and tips for the first day of school.

Education Network of Ontario

teacher internet access,
e-mail accounts

The Education Network provides teachers with Internet access, e-mail accounts, education projects and online conferences and newsgroups. A section of the site is dedicated to professional development, while two other sections offer curriculum support and discussion forums.

Teacher's Planet

teaching resources: flash cards, puzzle makers

Brampton-based Teacher's Planet is a nicely designed site with lesson plans, themed units, worksheets, grade books and book lists. The Teacher Tools section offers puzzle makers, teacher forms, flash cards, rubrics and access to demos of educational software. For an Ontario-based site, however, it offers a lot of US resources.


teacher chat, discussion rings and
Ontario-based resources

Teacher chat, distance learning, live meetings and free print materials are just a few of the many materials offered for teachers on this site. Under lesson plans, I entered the Ontario keyword search and received a fair number of Ontario-based information pages. You can also subscribe to the Canadian Teacher's mail ring, which allows you to receive e-mail from colleagues across the country.

book an author to speak at your school

If you are looking for an author to come and speak at your school, Arizona-based provides a comprehensive searchable database of international authors willing to speak at schools. The database is broken down into 40 categories, including animals, art, technology, women's issues and so on. You can also search by grade level. Bookings may be made online and speaking and transportation costs are negotiated between the school and author - some authors are willing to speak for free. Signing up for access to one section of the site allows you to post requests for speakers and view articles on education written by the authors.


ideas and advice for new teachers


While it may be a well-known standard among most teachers, SchoolNet is still worth mentioning as one of the largest sources of teacher information in Canada. With over 7,000 learning resources, the site is nicely designed and has at least three areas for teachers: Curriculum, Teacher's Corner and Federal Learning Resources.


ideas and advice for new teachers

Based in Wallingford, Connecticut, Education World is the most comprehensive education resource on the web. The left-hand side of the home page changes its theme daily while main sections are broken into lesson planning (although American based, there are some materials that could be adapted by Ontario teachers), an administrator's area, technology integration and more. A reference centre covers topics ranging from parents to fundraising.

Bob's Place of Educational Links for Students, Teachers and Parents

ideas and advice for new teachers

Developed by Bob Steele, a computer consultant in elementary and high schools within an English school board, this site has a large number of links on a broad range of topics for teachers. Canadian sites are clearly marked with a rippling Canadian Flag.

Ontario Curriculum Tracking Templates

ideas and advice for new teachers

Brent Philips of the Halton District School Board has created approximately 190 or so tracking templates for each subject area. The templates offer the teacher an overall picture of which expectations specific students have achieved and at what level of performance.

Philips also offers Ontario Elementary Curriculum Links sorted by subject area, grade level, and strand. Both sites are dated 1998 and 1999 respectively.

The Best on the Web for Teachers

ideas and advice for new teachers

An education portal for teachers, the Best on the Web for Teachers offers more than 400 links to educational resources. This includes: language exercises, free software, pre-school and kindergarten materials, science fair projects, math games, online quizzes and so on.

Lynda Scarrow is the College's web editor. She can be reached at

Not all sites are available in both English and French. For additional sites or for French sites related to this topic, Cyberespace.