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Completing the nomination form

Review the nomination form carefully. The information you are asked to provide is specified in regulation and will help electors to choose the best candidates to serve on Council.

The College must receive completed nomination forms by 5 PM on July 14, 2006 by mail, courier or hand delivery only. Faxed nomination forms cannot be accepted.

You will need the signatures of at least 10 members of the College who are eligible to run for the position you are seeking. This is an important requirement.

For example, if you are seeking the nomination for the English-Language Public Board Elementary position, the 10 people who sign your nomination form (your nominators) must also be eligible to run for that position.

You should ensure that each of your nominators knows they cannot nominate more than one person for the same position. That is, anyone who signs your nomination form cannot sign the nomination form of anyone else running for the same position.

Although a member can only nominate one colleague per position, members are free to nominate other colleagues for any other position if they themselves are eligible to run for it. In other words, you can only nominate one person per position, but if you are eligible to run in two or more categories, you can nominate someone in each of them. So, you could make nominations for more than one position, but one person cannot be nominated for more than one position.

The name and membership number of each of your nominators will be published in the September issue of Professionally Speaking to support your candidacy.

The College will review nomination forms to ensure that the candidate and nominators meet the position requirements and will send a written acknowledgement to the candidate within five working days of receiving the form. A list of confirmed candidates will appear in the September 2006 issue of Professionally Speaking and on our web site.

If you have any questions on the nomination process or your eligibility as a possible candidate, the Q & As may provide you with the information you need. If not, please contact the College’s dedicated election line at 416-961-8800 or toll-free in Ontario at 1-888-534-2222, ext 559 or via e-mail at evote2006@oct.ca.

Check it out

Every election year at least one candidate submits a nomination form in which one or more of the nominators is ineligible. Your nominators must be eligible to run for the position you are seeking.

To make sure you have the support of 10 eligible nominators, why not aim for even more!

“It would be a shame if the Registrar had to invalidate your application to stand for election because one of your nominators turned out to be ineligible,” says Council Chair Marilyn Laframboise. “But the same rules have to apply to everyone. Frankly, I always tried to sign up a few extra just for good measure.”