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by Lynda Scarrow

Healthy body, healthy mind


About Kids’ Health

well-designed option

The Hospital for Sick Children has a wonderful site filled with great information. Search through hundreds of child health articles, be sure to see the well-designed just-for-kids section and subscribe to the health newsletter.


Teach Nutrition

colourful choices

Ontario’s registered dieticians have created this attractively designed site just for teachers. Big bold blue bars on the left sort content by grade. Other click-through features appear in boxes on the right, including research resources, a menu planner and age-specific Flash games. Be sure to check out the free teacher workshops and the Nutrition Innovation Award, which provides $100 prizes to kindergarten to Grade 8 teachers in recognition of innovative ideas for teaching nutrition.


Menu of Choices

making good food choices

A simple bulletin-board design highlights healthy eating lessons based on Canada’s Food Guide. Under healthy environments you’ll find a school nutrition checklist, healthy food choices for school events and guildelines for starting a school nutrition action committee. Also look for recipes, posters and newsletter templates.


Dairy Farmers of Ontario

got milk

Under Teachers in the left navigation bar, you’ll find information on World School Milk Day, a list of free publications, posters and recipes – plus you can book five free presentations, including: Dairy Farming, Dairy Goodness and Careers in the Dairy Industry. Other links provide industry details that could be good for projects with older students.


Scrub Club

avoiding the nasties

Here’s a fun way to help kids fight germs. Webisodes and games bubble up, showing kids how to properly wash their hands. I like Big E’s Grossest Hits, The Five Finger Alert and the Villain Gallery. Sal Monella, a germ-toting cowboy, is particularly creative.


Newfoundland and Labrador’s Living Healthy Schools

east-coast resources

You’ll find a lot of good, solid information packed into this education web site. It provides an overview of Newfoundland and Labrador’s school health initiatives and includes comprehensive links and access to many provincial and national resources.

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