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December 2018

Professionally Speaking

The Publication of the Ontario College of Teachers

Photo of Michael Naicker, Ontario Certified Teacher, standing in a stairwell while students walk in the background.

Worldly Perspectives

International teachers share their experiences and observations from inside Ontario's schools.

Photo of an international delegation of educators from the Netherlands.

Photo of Jill Heinerth, cave diver, wearing a diving suit.

In Your Profession

In Your Classroom

Tools of the Trade

Photo of Jessica Kennedy, Ontario Certified Teacher, leaning against a wall. Jessica is surrounded by costumes and props used for theatre shows.

Great Teaching

Jessica Kennedy, OCT, gives her drama students the freedom to explore and create both onstage and off.

Remarkable Teacher

Canadian music icon Steven Page discusses the teacher who helped him fine-tune his self-confidence and excel at something he loved.

Final Exam

Tommy Smythe discusses compassion and courage during his formative years, both of which helped lay the foundation for his design and TV career.

Photo of Denise Salsman, Ontario Certified Teacher, in the library engaging with students using tablets.


Tech Class

A Toronto middle school teacher gets math classes going with lessons in computer programming.

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Governing Ourselves