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June 1998

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The College has come a long way in one short year. Many thanks to the hundreds of teachers who have volunteered their time and expertise to help the College accomplish so much.

regist.jpg (4648 bytes) On Being Qualified to Teach

The College is taking the issue of teachers being properly licensed very seriously. It’s an important part of our mandate to serve the public interest and provide better guarantees of high quality service to students.

College Stands Firm on Unqualified Teachers

The College of Teachers has warned school boards that send unqualified instructors into classrooms that they may face court action if it is required to end the practice.

Canada’s Courts Say Teachers Must Be Role Models

Just how perfect are teachers supposed to be? Recent court decisions say teachers are going to be held to a higher standard because of their position of trust and influence.

Leaving Home to Find a Classroom

A first-year teacher in London told her junior class to wait in the hall. They filed out. She went out a moment later to find them gone. She was furious. Eventually they came back to the classroom, saying, "We waited in the hall. Where were you, Miss?"
"Hall" means gym in England. The teacher was from Ontario.

When the Best Thing About Finishing School Is:
"No More Teasers"

Jennifer’s kindergarten teacher dreads circle time because she knows Jennifer will sit screaming and pinch or pull the hair of anyone who comes too close. Fifteen-year-old Matthew bursts into tears because two students happen to be standing in front of his locker. A classmate tells nine-year-old Mary to go swimming in a mud puddle in the school yard. She does and is completely bewildered when the children laugh.


"I’ve always felt, and feel to this day, that she was as responsible as any other individual except my parents for my decision to become a professional writer," says Farley Mowat during a lunch-hour break from work on The Farfarers, a speculative history on the origins of Canada.

Blue Pages

Purpball.gif (183 bytes) Highlights of the 1997 Annual Report
Purpball.gif (183 bytes) College’s First Public Hearings
Purpball.gif (183 bytes) Faculties of Education Undergo College Accreditation

Don’t Forget the Close-Ups

While speaking to a group of teachers, I was asked how I would go about teaching history in the public schools. My answer was short: "I’d tell stories."

Focus on Teen Violence Means We’re Looking Through the Telescope Backwards

Jason wants the truck. He pushes Matthew to the floor and grabs it. On the playground, Adam hits Michael, calls him a cry-baby and warns him not to tell.  Kindergartens and playgrounds are violent places. Weary teachers know very well that not all children have learned how to control themselves by the time they get to school.

Goodwill Hiking

A group of Canadians from the Bruce Trail Hiking Club hiking in the Yellow Mountain region of southern China in 1995 asked the hospitable local people if they could visit their school.


netwat.jpg (4487 bytes) Monitor On-line Activities to
Ensure Safe Surfing


review.jpg (4339 bytes) Purpball.gif (183 bytes) No More Teachers, No More Books
Purpball.gif (183 bytes) The Inside Track
Purpball.gif (183 bytes) The Learning Circus
Purpball.gif (183 bytes) For the Love of Poetry
Purpball.gif (183 bytes) What’s Worth Fighting For Out There?


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