AQ Audit Process

Council forwards recommendations to Minister of Education

Council has approved a report that recommends a broad series of improvements to the College’s accreditation processes for Additional Qualification (AQ) and pre-service programs.

The report recommends that the Registrar be given authority to audit AQ programs or courses on a random basis to ensure they are delivered as accredited.

The report also recommends that the period for which an established pre-service program is accredited be extended from five to up to seven years. A transitional provision is recommended that would enable all the accredited programs for each permitted institution to be renewed within the same general accreditation period after the initial accreditation period has concluded.

The report recommends that members of an accreditation panel who are also members of the Accreditation Committee should not participate in the committee’s deliberations or decisions specific to any program they have reviewed.

“Ultimately our members and the public will benefit from the changes we have recommended to the government,” said Registrar Brian McGowan. “The recommendations were the outcome of broad consultations with providers and other advisory bodies and reflect the College’s commitment as a self-regulatory body to accountability and quality assurance.”

The Registrar said that the College and AQ providers were able to collaboratively resolve concerns that will not require regulatory amendments.

Council approved the report for submission to the Minister of Education for consideration of these regulatory changes recommended by Council.

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