Council Meeting

Summary - June 12-13, 2008

At its June 12–13 meeting, College Council:

  • reviewed a Finance Committee report that recommended that Council:
    • approve that all options, including lease, purchase and design/build remain open for consideration as the College begins its facility search activities and that buying be the preferred option
    • have the Finance Committee conduct a semi-annual review of market conditions and validate the assumptions of leasing, purchase and design/build underlying the College’s facility planning strategy
    • only proceed to buy in 2009 or sooner if an excellent opportunity arises and the College can discharge its current lease obligation at 121 Bloor Street East at minimal cost
    • fund the $4 million projected shortfall on the down payment to provide capital funding for a building purchase or design/build by transferring $1,315,000 to the Reserve for Stabilization of Facility Costs at 2008 year-end from the Reserve for Fee Stabilization, adding $213,000 per year for the next four years to the Reserve for Stabilization of Facility Costs by allocating $1 of the member fee beginning in 2009, and drawing $1,833,000 from the College line of credit for three months in 2012
  • approved hiring two investigators, a bilingual dispute-resolution officer, an administrative assistant and a bilingual hearings assistant to support the College’s work in investigations, intake and hearings and to ensure timely disposal of complaints against members
  • approved submitting the report, Review of Regulation 347/02, Accreditation of Teacher Education Programs to the Minister of Education and to program providers, including an amendment to reduce Accreditation Panel participation from six to at least five members and reducing Council member participation on the panels that review faculty of education programs from three to at least two
  • denied a request to allocate funds to the Public Interest Committee to complete the third phase of its work plan in 2009
  • approved a protocol for the appointment of members to ad hoc committees of Council, including amending College bylaws related to committee vacancies by adding “Special and Ad Hoc Committees” to committee titles
  • amended guidelines for the provision of personal computers for Council members to encourage the purchase of environmentally friendly computer hardware
  • defeated a motion to develop a regulation requiring that all investigation, discipline and fitness to practise committees include a principal or vice-principal on panels to hear matters involving principals or vice-principals
  • requested all committees to provide input to a Quality Assurance Committee review of the concept structure and number of Council committees, and that the Quality Assurance Committee report to the March 2009 Council meeting
  • moved that all committees have an opportunity to provide input on survey questions of College members that are the purview of the committee and that Council review the final questions prior to the survey being conducted.
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