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Council committee appointments

College Council has appointed members to various committees to fill vacancies and renew the membership of standing committees.

Council appointed Marilyn Laframboise, Elizabeth Papadopoulos, Rick Victor, Patrick Daly (Chair) and Martin Kings to the Finance Committee for one-year renewable terms.

Suzanne De Froy, Nancy Hutcheson, Harry Mulvale, Janet Ouellette, Jennifer Pitt (Chair), Ernie Checkeris, Elayne McDermid, Karen Mitchell and Lou Watson join the Standards of Practice and Education Committee for a one-year renewable term.

Council approved committee chairs based on recommendations from the members of the standing committees.

The Executive Committee appointed the following members to fill vacancies created by the expiry of appointed members' terms on Council: Normand Fortin, Registration Appeals Committee and Discipline Committee; Lou Watson, Discipline Committee and Accreditation Committee; Janet Cornwall and Ernie Checkeris, Fitness to Practise Committee; Elayne McDermid, Investigation Committee; Martin Kings, Accreditation Committee; Patrick Slack, Election Committee; Patrick Daly, Nomination Committee; and Karen Mitchell, Editorial Board.