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Governing Ourselves

eVote 2006


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Council meetings

Summary – September 2006

At its September 28–29 meeting College Council:

  • appointed Brian McGowan to the position of Registrar and Chief Executive Officer of the Ontario College of Teachers
  • endorsed 66 recommendations regarding the Teachers' Qualifications Review, including amendments to the Teachers' Qualifications Regulation
  • approved the development and publication of a comprehensive report to the education sector and the public about the findings of the College's Teachers' Qualifications Review and the decisions as presented to Council on September 29, 2006
  • approved a motion to have the chair and/or vice-chair invited to attend formal meetings between College and Ministry staff to develop regulations under the Act
  • directed the College to develop a response to Bill 124 based on a number of critical issues identified by the Registration Appeals Committee concerning equity and fairness, terminology and language and proposed processes
  • reaffirmed the Council's position on peer review to the Minister of Education, stating that Council does not accept peer review for principals and vice-principals as it relates to the Investigations and Hearings process, since panels composed of elected and appointed Council members are able to assess and judge fairly issues of professional conduct for all members of the Ontario College of Teachers based on the evidence presented
  • approved the 2007 College budget with operating revenues of $26,881,000, operating expenses of $28,076,000 and capital and deferred charges of $736,000
  • approved the transfer of $4,000,000 from the reserve for fee stabilization to the reserve for stabilization of facility costs
  • approved the addition of a policy analyst, evaluator, bilingual production officer and bilingual library assistant/receptionist to College staff in 2007.

Summary – October 2006

At a special meeting on October 19 College Council:

  • appointed Lise Roy-Kolbusz to the role of Acting Deputy Registrar and approved a process to recruit a permanent Deputy Registrar
  • approved secondment and personal services agreements for the full-time chair recommended by the ad hoc committee reviewing the position. The chair will receive a salary equivalent to 166 per cent of the A4 maximum in the Toronto DSB's elementary teachers' contract (currently, this would be $134,317). The chair would also have the use of a one-bedroom, furnished apartment if they live more than 80 kilometres from the College office in downtown Toronto
  • voted to pay the chair of the third Council retroactively for the time she served in a full-time capacity, less the salary she received
  • recommended that the fourth Council review the full-time chair position prior to the end of the Council's term of office
  • directed the Registrar to engage an external firm to review the job descriptions and responsibilities of the Registrar, Deputy Registrar and Council Chair to identify areas of overlap and redundancy and to report to Council within six months
  • directed the Registrar to undertake a comprehensive review of the external Accreditation Regulation Review report and options, and identify the effects on existing accreditation practices, processes and regulatory requirements
  • amended the Council member travel policy to allow Council members who live within 50 km of the College to expense meals that may occur before or after Council and/or committee meetings
  • referred the Interim Suspensions, Undertakings and the Public Register report to the chairs of the Investigations, Discipline and Fitness to Practise committees for review and a report to Council in June 2007
  • approved the development of a formal College response to the Ontario government regarding Bill 52, an act to amend the Education Act respecting pupil learning to the age of 18 and equivalent learning.
Council appointments

Government fills four of six vacancies on Council

The provincial government has appointed Lasalle resident Mike Lesperance and John Tucker of Battersea to fill two of the vacancies for public representatives on College Council.

Lesperance, owner and president of International Entertainment Network, a supplier of multimedia services to the entertainment, corporate and special events market, coaches and volunteers with community organizations, including Transition to Betterness and St. Clair College.

Tucker, a self-employed broadcast sales and management consultant, serves as a director on the board of the Broadcast Executive Society.

The government also renewed the appointments of Council members Don Watson and Bill Matheson.

The term of appointment for all four men is two years.

Two vacancies remain.