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thomson.jpg (12961 bytes) The dedication and passion of Janice Thomson for teaching lives on through a $2000 award to assist secondary teachers develop creative learning resources.

New Annual Award Honours Janice Thomson

The Curriculum Foundation has announced a new annual award in memory of Janice Thomson, a well-known Ontario educator and staff member of the Ontario College of Teachers who died of cancer in 1999.

The Janice Thomson Memorial Award will offer $2,000 each year to a project to help practising secondary school teachers who develop creative learning resources related to the implementation of the Ontario curriculum.

The award will support projects that are related to the arts, history or special education programs or are directed at students at risk. Projects must enhance classroom instruction, adhere to the evaluation standards of the Ontario Curriculum Centre and, when completed, be shared with others.

"We know that there is a tremendous need for practical and relevant teaching and learning resources. Our ongoing financial awards program will be geared to the concept of teachers helping teachers help students learn," says Terry Lynch, director of the Curriculum Foundation.

Thomson taught secondary school in Hamilton for 17 years before joining the Ministry of Education, first as an education officer at the Central Ontario Regional Office and then as co-ordinator of the Liaison Services Section. In 1997, Thomson was appointed Implementation Project Co-ordinator for the newly formed Ontario College of Teachers and subsequently became Manager of the Accreditation Unit at the College.

Throughout her distinguished career, Janice Thomson was both an eclectic learner and a passionate teacher, with an abiding interest in what went on in the classroom. She was a noted history teacher and author, a strong supporter of the arts, and a tenacious advocate for special needs students and programs. Long before the education system began to acknowledge "at risk" students, Thomson was doing something for and about the increasing number of students who required alternative education programs.

The Curriculum Foundation is a charitable organization dedicated to funding awards for learning resource development projects at the grassroots level. The foundation operates under the umbrella of Curriculum Services Canada, a not-for-profit standards agency for the evaluation of learning resources.

For more information about Curriculum Services Canada and the work of the Curriculum Foundation, visit their web site at


Purpose: to assist practising secondary teachers in the development of creative learning resources related to the implementation of the Ontario Curriculum.

Criteria: Project should be related to one of the following areas:

  • The Arts
  • At-Risk Programs
  • History
  • Special Education Programs

Project must enhance classroom instruction, adhere to the evaluation standards of the Ontario Curriculum Centre, and, when completed, be shared with others.

Proposals must include a detailed outline of the proposed project under the following:

  • general description of project and overall goal
  • rationale for the project
  • intended expectations linked to the relevant Ontario Curriculum documents
  • intended audience of learners
  • teaching and learning strategies
  • assessment and evaluation strategies
  • format (print, electronic, etc.)
  • development costs and timelines
  • participants - names, qualifications, experience, education affiliation
  • Ontario College of Teachers registration number
  • contact person
  • additional information deemed relevant to the project.

An independent, volunteer review panel selected from the wider education community will make the final selection. Submissions will not be returned. The deadline for submissions is Friday, June 30, 2000.

All submissions should be sent to:

Terry Lynch, Director,
The Curriculum Foundation
439 University Avenue, 18
th Floor
Toronto ON  M5G 1Y8
Tel: 416-591-1576 or 1-800-837-3048
Fax: 416-591-1578 E-mail: