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  1. I hold a College registry number. Does that automatically mean I'm a member in good standing?
  1. No. Your six-digit College registry number does not necessarily indicate that your membership is in good standing. The registry number is a unique identifier associated with an individual's file. When an applicant's basic requirements have been sent to the College, we create a registry file. This results in a corresponding registry number. The file contains information such as degrees, qualifications and current status. The registry number only confirms that the College has a file on the individual.
  1. I've changed my name. What will the College accept as proof of identity?
  1. A member who has legally changed his or her name must provide an original or a notarized copy of one of these documents:
  • Change of Name Certificate
  • court order made under change of name legislation
  • birth certificate
  • certificate of baptism if born in Quebec (prior to January 1994) or Newfoundland
  • a Canadian passport
  • a Canadian immigration record and visa or Record of Landing
  • a passport used to enter Canada
  • photocopy of your marriage certificate (if you have taken your spouse's surname).

If you apply in person, you may bring the original document to the College's walk-in counter where a copy will be made and certified as true. If you apply by mail, you will need to include a notarized copy with the Change of Name form.

  1. I hold an expired Temporary Letter of Standing. Can a school board offer me a teaching position?
  1. Yes. In order to apply for an extension of your Temporary Letter of Standing (TLS) you must provide - among other requirements - evidence of a job offer. Once your TLS is extended, you will be issued an Interim Certificate of Qualification - the College's replacement for the Temporary Letter of Standing. Extensions are granted for a one-year period.

The Temporary Letter of Standing/Interim Certificate of Qualification is valid for six years, but must be renewed annually through the payment of your annual membership fee. If you have successfully completed one year of successful teaching experience (200 days) since you first received your Ontario teaching certificate you are required by regulation to apply to have your interim certificate converted to a Certificate of Qualification.

If you have not successfully completed 200 days of successful teaching experience before your Ontario teaching certificate expires (six years after it was originally issued), you must extend your expired certificate. However, as we mentioned above, you may only extend your certificate if you have proof of a job offer that requires membership in good standing with the College.