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December 2021

Professionally Speaking

The Publication of the Ontario College of Teachers

An illustration of a young Black student.

Getting at the Roots of Anti-Black Racism

New Additional Qualifications will look at systemic issues, biases and centring Black stories.

Paul Boniferro, Transition Supervisory Officer.

Andrea Haefele, OCT.

In Your Profession

In Your Classroom

Tools of the Trade

Luke Kirby as stand-up comedian Lenny Bruce, in 'The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.'

Great Teaching

OCTs put into practice advice from the professional advisory on the duty to report.

Remarkable Teacher

Drama teacher Dennis Johnson helped fuel actor Luke Kirby's creativity and curiosity.

Professional Learning

Angelo Tocco, OCT, on the professional benefits of community involvement.

Students and teachers participate in the December 2018 Hackergal Hackathon.

New at the Library

Tech Class

An OCT uses a boardwide approach to introduce girls to the possibilities of tech.

The College's logo
Governing Ourselves