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March 2019

Professionally Speaking

The Publication of the Ontario College of Teachers

Professionally Speaking March 2019. The cover is of a human brain with rays of light shining behind it.

Supporting Students’ Mental Health

The College’s latest advisory helps OCTs assist students with mental health concerns.

Photo of three people holding College materials.

Photo of Noni Classen, the director of education for the Canadian Centre for Child Protection.

In Your Profession

In Your Classroom

Tools of the Trade

Photo of Rebecca Chahine, Ontario Certified Teacher, smiling at students helping in the classroom. There are tubs filled with classroom waste.

Great Teaching

Rebecca Chahine, OCT, and her students understand that small changes can often mean big differences, especially when looking at energy and the environment.

Remarkable Teacher

The Baroness von Sketch Show’s Aurora Browne and Jennifer Whalen get serious about the teachers who inspired them to think creatively and have a deep respect for the arts.

Final Exam

World-renowned education expert John Hattie discusses how teachers can implement “visible learning.”

Photo of a company tour bus that says 'National Awareness Tour' and 'Holodomor the Ukrainian Genocide'.


Tech Class

A Thunder Bay high school teacher has a high-tech mobile classroom roll into town.

Photo of a teacher and two students sitting on chairs. The students observe as the teacher points to a section of a poster.
Special Focus on AQs

Ontario College of Teachers logo
Governing Ourselves