French-language services

Building bilingual capacity

The College has made many improvements in its bilingual capacity over the past year in areas such as services to members, information technology and French-language publications.

The second annual report on French-language services highlights these achievements.

“Members of the College, our French-language education partners and staff have demonstrated exemplary commitment,” comments Francine Dutrisac, Director of French-Language Services. “The positive contribution made by everyone to achieving our goals is encouraging for the future and for the enhanced quality of French-language services.”

The College continues to improve the francophone character of French-language publications in order to reflect the distinct challenges and realities of the Franco-Ontarian education community. And, as the annual Transition to Teaching study has raised awareness among educators of the need for more teachers of French and French as a Second Language, the College continues to participate in career fairs in Ontario and Québec to remedy the shortage of French-speaking teachers.

Proposed initiatives for 2008 include continuing to develop bilingual materials and the French-language capacity of staff in various College departments.

See the French-Language Services Report for more information.

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