Principalís Qualification

Your input wanted for update to Principalís Qualification Guideline

Do you have an opinion on what prospective school leaders should be learning in the Principal’s Qualification Program (PQP)?

You can share your views – and have some input in revising the PQP guideline – by participating in the College’s online survey.

The College is consulting on the updating of the regulated system of Additional Qualifications, including the PQP, to revise the guidelines providers use to develop their courses and programs for members.

Guidelines describe the content, learning expectations, instructional strategies and forms of assessment that a course or program must contain to be accredited. Providers submit their course or program to the College for accreditation.

As part of the PQP review, the College has held English- and French-language consultation sessions, including an Open Space workshop where participants discussed enhancing principal education to support successful leadership in a changing education landscape.

A draft guideline, reflecting what the College learned in the consultations and from the survey, will be posted later to the College web site for additional feedback.

To participate in the online survey or to refer to the current guideline, see Schedules and Guidelines.

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