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September 1999

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The funding for 500 additional spaces in faculties of education is welcome, but falls short of the funding for 2,000 spaces the College requested. The College briefs Education Minister Janet Ecker and Training, Colleges and Universities Minister Dianne Cunningham on the College’s regulatory role.


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Provide it, and they will come.
Teachers flocked to summer institutes for professional learning on new curriculum and its delivery.


Cover Story:
Smoking, Drunkenness and Drug Use Up Among High School Students.
Students who are unhappy at school tend to take part in health-risk behaviours like skipping classes, smoking, drinking and using drugs. Professionally Speaking gives College members an advance look at a study to be released shortly by Health Canada that raises concerns about growing drug use, smoking and "really drunk" behaviour.

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Getting Engaged to Learning
A national research project by McGill University finds that participation in decision-making in the school is key to students’ engagement to learning. And engagement goes well beyond the classroom. It happens in the halls, cafeteria, resource centre, computer labs, clubs, extra-curricular activities and co-op education.


No Clear Answers on Complex Issues Surrounding Teacher Re-certification
Even a recent study by the leading test provider in the U.S. can’t provide clear answers about how testing works best, or if it is the best way to improve accountability of the profession.


Schools Could Face Lawsuits Over Student-on-Student Harassment
The Supreme Court of the United States sent a wakeup call when it concluded a school board can be held liable for damages in student-on-student harassment. Could this happen in Ontario? You bet.


Reflective Journal Writing in the Wired Age
TVO breaks new ground with a pilot program that tests the theory that critical reflection with peers, in the form of journal writing, breaks through the isolation of classroom teaching.


Remarkable Teachers
When well-known TV host Pamela Wallin talks about her remarkable teacher, she brings the subject home for us.

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Blue Pages
College bulletins with need-to-know information for Ontario teachers.

Floating on a Sea of Change
Change is not going away and teachers do not have the luxury or freedom to ignore it. Two conferences look at the difficulty of change and suggest ways to make it work.


From Chaos to Order: Helping Special Needs Students Avoid Crisis Behaviour
Most students with special needs cope, work and play in integrated settings without incident. Environments that are more predictable and do not over-stimulate may minimize crisis behaviour.


Youngsters Targeted: A Healthy Lifestyle for a Healthy Heart
The Heart and Stroke Foundation barely gives children aged six to 12 a passing grade on leading healthy lifestyles. It proposes as a solution the Heart Healthy Kids program, put to the test at Robert J. Lee Public School in Brampton.


Cable Television’s Commercial-Free Treasures for Educators
If you know how to program your VCR to record at night or in the early hours of the morning, you may be sitting on a gold mine. Cable in the Classroom is a free cable installation and service to eligible schools faced with an ever-shrinking budget.


Showing Teens They Can Save Their Own Lives
How do you convince teens who think they’re invincible to play it safer? Give them the power of choice and the power of personal responsibility. That’s the philosophy behind HEROES, a program masterminded by former heart surgeon Robert Conn.

There is plenty to celebrate as the new millennium approaches. Then there is Y2K. This issue’s column offers you a few sites that will make you click.

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Notes on a wide range of books – from guides to help you teach science to Raffi’s autobiography.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Membership Services answers your calls.


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