Government Requires Professional Learning 
for All College Members

Bill 80 will require all Ontario teachers to complete a minimum of 14 professional learning courses every five years to maintain their licence to teach.

More Than The Teachers Are New
A new wave of young teachers is entering the profession. Professionally Speaking asked some new teachers and some experienced ones what kinds of changes they’re bringing with them. One thing is certain – the newcomers all say they still have a lot to learn from their more experienced colleagues.

Calling All Teacher Critics
Linwood Barclay has something to say to teachers' critics - take a step back and get the full picture. Teachers are professionals who know what they're doing.

Netting the Plagiarists
Using the Internet, and a little creativity, in the battle against academic fraud.

Something Old, Something New
Refining an old favourite for Grade 7 Science and Technology.

Curriculum Services Canada
An Ontario organization has created a web-based service for reviewing learning resources according to Ontario and Canadian standards, and a place where teachers can find commercially available and free resources for all grade levels.

Double Cohort Students Urged to Widen Horizons

"We hear a lot about increased competition for university spaces, but less about increased competition for jobs, or college or apprenticeships. Students need to explore these options, too."

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