At the College

At the College

Welcoming principals from China

On December 5, 2012, the College was pleased to welcome a delegation of 39 principals from China. The group was visiting to learn about self-regulation, the composition of Council, its function and what it means to work in the public interest, among other pertinent topics.

Chinese delegates

Celebrating 2012

College staff, stakeholders, vendors and friends mix and mingle during the 2012 Holiday Reception.

Holiday reception
Frank McIntyre

Former College staff member on TV

Frank McIntyre was recently featured in Generation Jobless, a CBC documentary about youth unemployment and underemployment. If you missed it, you can still see it on YouTube.

A visit from the Danes — Part 2

Danish education officials visited the College last September and later encouraged teachers from Hansenberg — a high school in Kolding — to do the same. Chair of Council Liz Papadopoulos, OCT, (right) and External Relations Officer Karin Lang (fourth from left), met with them in January. The group learned about the College, teacher certification and the Principal’s Qualification Program.

Visiting Danish teachers

Associated Hebrew Schools

Chair of Council Liz Papadopoulos, OCT, (right) greeted the Leadership Team from the Associated Hebrew Schools. The group learned about the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession and the Ethical Standards for the Teaching Profession, the College’s mandate and what is required to become an Ontario Certified Teacher.

Associated Hebrew Schools Leadership Team

Photos: Tessa Buchan (Celebrating 2012); Adam Buckley (Frank McIntyre); Stephanie McLean (Principals from China; Associated Hebrew Schools; A Visit from the Danes - Part 2)