Infusing the Standards of Practice into Everyday Teaching
Soon-to-be-teachers are incorporating the standards of practice for the profession in their portfolios and are finding out that they promote rigour, reflection and a sense of professionalism. > full article

Hey, Look Us Over
Universities across Ontario are looking for the College's stamp of approval so they can launch new programs in their education faculties or faculties of education. The teaching profession has been granted a unique power -- the power to accredit the programs that educate future and current members. > full article

Accreditation Assures Public of High Quality Teacher Education
The College's accreditation process will assure teachers and the public of consistent high quality teacher education program and AQs across the province. > full article

Pilot process was an important leadup to accreditation regulation
The accreditation regulation announced in December formalizes a process that has been five years in the design. Current teacher education program providers are positive about the process and see real benefits for teacher candidates and new providers. > full article

Teachers' Teacher Joe Atkinson Retires as College Registrar
Joe Atkinson put his heart fully into everything he's done -- Registrar, teacher, husband, father, volunteer, community activist, and teacher advocate. Retiring this year, Joe Atkinson is leaving his profession a great legacy. > full article

School boards embrace Standards of Practice
Teachers who want to make the grade and land a job are starting to get familiar with the Standards of Practice for the Teaching Profession. > full article

OISE program brings innovation to both practicum and classroom management
Experienced teachers learn alongside candidates they will mentor. > full article

Doug Wilson is the College's New Registrar > full article

From Cradle to Kindergarten - Reaching Deaf Children
Helping families prepare their child to learn is a real challenge when your preschool district is the whole province. > full article

Centre pioneered francophone services
Jules-Léger is a hub of research and a haven for kids. > full article

From TA to Special Ed Teacher
Patrick Deschatelets and Manon Fecteau are two very special teaching assistants -- one works with deaf children in Ottawa, the other with children with behaviour problems in Richmond Hill. Patience, motivation and listening are the virtues that fuel them. > full article.


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