TLLP supports teacher learning

Not every learning team can have a facilitator like Marian O’Connor. Another useful support is the Ministry of Education’s Teacher Learning and Leadership Program (TLLP), which provides funding for resources and release time for experienced teachers to research fields impacting their professional practice and student learning and to share their findings with colleagues around the province.

Math head Pam McCallum, OCT, and English teacher Sue McCullough, OCT, teach at Madawaska Valley District HS in Barry’s Bay in the Renfrew County DSB. Their TLLP action research focuses on the effectiveness of teaching methods such as co-operative learning in a boys-only Grade 9 class to increase their literacy skills. They are also researching teaching methods to help improve girls’ numeracy skills in an all-girls Grade 9 class.

The pair has taught single-gender Grade 9 math classes for the past five years and single-gender English classes for the past two. For the past four years, a male teacher has taught the single-gender boys math class. After a year-and-a-half of formal TLLP research, here are some of their findings.