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IET Assessment

New online tools for language-proficiency assessment

IET Assessment

Charles Ungerleider, consultant and former deputy minister of education for British Columbia, speaks at a session hosted by the College on the development of new online language-assessment tools.

The College is participating in the development of assessment tools to ensure that internationally educated teachers have the language proficiency required for the classroom.

"Teachers are models of language use and must be competent in all four of the language modalities – speaking, listening, reading and writing – in order to discharge their duties and meet the needs of students," said consultant Charles Ungerleider of Directions Evidence and Policy Research Group at an information session hosted by the College.

Assessment tools currently used for the purpose of teacher certification are not designed for the teaching profession, and a standardized tool is not used by the profession Canada wide, said Ungerleider, a former deputy minister of education for British Columbia.

The Canadian Registrars for Teacher Certification, working in conjunction with the Council of Ministers of Education Canada, received a grant from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada to develop new web-based language-assessment tools specifically for the teaching profession. The tools are intended to assess the language competencies of internationally educated teachers whose education was not in English or French.

The Canadian Registrars for Teacher Certification formed a language competencies subcommittee, chaired by College Registrar Michael Salvatori, and hired the consulting firm to lead the project. "We want to ensure that high standards in classrooms are maintained," Ungerleider said. The tools will address general language competencies as well as competencies specific to the teaching profession.