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BCCT seeks investigation of teacher self-regulation

Members of the council of the British Columbia College of Teachers want an independent government investigation into teacher self-regulation.

At an early April press conference, Council Chair Richard Walker called the College dysfunctional and appealed to the provincial government to postpone Council elections this fall that could shift the balance of power to council members who have accepted BC Teachers Federation (BCTF) endorsement and halt discussion about governance changes.

Eleven of the 20-member council signed a petition seeking an independent investigation. The remaining nine members were unaware of the petition, sources say.

“Since its creation in 1988, the college has struggled to achieve its rightful place among the regulatory bodies of the province,” said Walker. “The ongoing influence of the BCTF over council – exercised through the endorsement of candidates in elections, union policy and liaison between the BCTF and the BCTF-endorsed members of council – results in a widespread concern that the college is unable to carry out its mandate in the public interest.”

The federation says that the 11 council members have failed to provide concrete evidence to support their allegations of improper influence.

BC’s education minister Margaret MacDiarmid had not yet responded to the request at time of publication.