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December 2019

Professionally Speaking

The Publication of the Ontario College of Teachers

Photo of Steven Whitaker, Ontario Certified Teacher, seated in a school gymnasium.

Making an Impact

From Toronto to the Amazon, Ontario Certified Teachers are making a difference in their own communities and abroad.

Photo College Chair Nicole van Woudenberg,
Ontario Certified Teacher, addressing a group of teacher candidates at York University in Toronto.


Photo of Jake Stika, the executive director for Next Gen Men.


In Your Profession

In Your Classroom

Tools of the Trade

Photo of Lynn Wilkins, Ontario Certified Teacher.


Great Teaching

Messing up is what helps drive learning, says Lynn Wilkins, OCT.

Remarkable Teacher

Kim’s Convenience star Paul Sun-Hyung Lee credits teacher Ron Cole with spotting his storytelling talent and encouraging his path in the arts.

Final Exam

Cassie Campbell-Pascall shares how learning the value of hard work shaped her remarkable success.

Photo of Lauren Sovereign, Ontario Certified Teacher, David Carruthers, Ontario Certified Teacher, and Mariah Gooding, Ontario Certified Teacher, and students.



Tech Class

A London, Ont.-based OCT uses Minecraft to educate grade school students and teacher candidates.

Logo of the Ontario College of Teachers.

Governing Ourselves