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Winning publication

College magazine garners multiple awards

Professionally Speaking wrapped up another impressive awards season by earning a silver and two honourable mentions at the prestigious US-based Tabbie Awards.

With nearly 400 entrants vying for international accolades, Teaching without Schools: Haiti after the Earthquake, September 2010, picked up a silver for the Design of an Opening Page or Spread. Reacting to the heartbreaking layout, judges remarked, "Great spread, wonderful photograph that grabs your attention. The text is simple and to the point. Nice design."

The September issue was also one of only three to receive an honourable mention for its front-cover photograph.

On the editorial side, an entry of two Exemplary Teacher contributions by Leanne Miller, OCT, was praised as one of only two entries to receive an honourable mention in the Department category.

It is the fifth year in a row that the College magazine has emerged a winner at the Tabbies, the international competition for trade, association and business publications.

The College quarterly also won several Kenneth R. Wilson (KRW) awards in Canadian business journalism.

Professionally Speaking and its sister French-language publication Pour parler profession took home a gold, a silver and two honourable mention awards during the June presentation at the Carlu in Toronto.

Jessica Leeder's Teaching without Schools: Haiti after the Earthquake, September 2010, won gold for Art Direction of an Opening Spread or Complete Feature.

Katherine Barber's The Colo(u)rful Story of English, March 2010, received a silver for Best One-of-a-Kind Article.

The magazine's two honourable mentions were awarded for the Haiti feature in two significant categories - Best Cover and Best Photograph.

The KRW Awards were founded by the Canadian Business Press in 1954 to provide annual recognition for achievement in professional and business-to-business publications across Canada.