Governing Ourselves

Governing Ourselves informs members of legal and regulatory matters affecting the profession. This section provides updates on licensing and qualification requirements, notification of Council resolutions and reports from various Council committees, including reports on accreditation and discipline matters.

Summary – June 7-8, 2012

at its June 7-8 meeting, College Council

➔ approved recommendations in the report from the Honourable Patrick J. LeSage CM, OONT, QC. Six of the 49 recommendations have been referred to the Investigation, Discipline, Fitness to Practise and Quality Assurance committees for further study and report to the November 2012 Council meeting

➔ accepted the College’s December 31, 2011, audited financial statements and reappointed PwC as auditor for the 2012 fiscal year

➔ made Council’s prior approval mandatory for any spending over the combined total of the College’s operating and capital budgets in any fiscal year

➔ enabled the Registrar to change any budget line by not more than 1 per cent of the College’s total approved expenditures provided that any such reallocation have no effect on the total approved expenditures

➔ ordered that changes exceeding one per cent to any budget line be reviewed and given prior approval by the Finance Committee;

➔ approved that the Finance Committee be notified at every meeting of funding reallocations made by management among major items in the operating and capital budgets

➔ amended the Council Member Travel policy to:

➔ approved the College becoming a regular member in the OMERS pension plan, thereby saving the College $7,000 annually

➔ recommended several changes to Additional Qualifications courses to the Minister of Education so that:

➔ recommended to the Minister of Education that the Act be changed to ensure that either the College Registrar or Deputy Registrar’s position be bilingual

➔ amended College bylaws to create hyperlinks on the College’s website to link Discipline Committee decisions to the public register

➔ approved a motion to ask the Minister of Education to change terminology in the College’s Act to replace “Suspended – non-payment of fees” with “Inactive/non-practising” on the College’s public register and to maintain “Retired” as a category for those who meet existing requirements

➔ approved destroying the electronic ballots associated with the 2012 Council election.