not always right

Make your classroom more inclusive with these handy tools for lefties.

Stay sharp

Even sharpening a pencil can make a left-hander feel rather gauche. The trick is to find a sharpener that works its magic when you turn it counter-clockwise.
TRY: igloo Lefty 1 Hole, 99¢,

Made to measure

Noticed any lefties struggling during math? Making left-handed rulers (read from right to left) available will help. You could also recommend a left-handed geometry set. Instead of fumbling over measurements, they’ll be able to focus on your lesson.
TRY: Lefties Rule, $3.95,; Maped left-handed geometry set, $3.99,

Write left

Sick of ink-stained hands? Look for pens with tailored grips and offset necks that keep fingers from slipping and a clear field of vision. Have a thank-you letter to send? Show off your calligraphy skills with a set made especially for left-handers. Notice smears on assignments? Suggest a quick-drying ink to keep work tidy.
TRY: Visio Pen, $3.50,; Panache Basic Calligraphy Left Handed Set, $17.99,; uni-ball Jetstream Rollerball pen, $7.92 (3/pack),

Ultimate handbook

Keep up-to-date with The Left-Hander’s 2014 Calendar. It’s an agenda that flips the traditional layout; its weekly planning pages are on the left and bound on the right.
TRY: The Left-Hander’s 2014 Weekly Planner Calendar: Left-handed legends, lore & more, $12.40,

Get a grip

Make practising penmanship easier with a triangular grip! Add a comfortably shaped accessory to a pencil to guide fingers into place and reduce writing fatigue. For budding artists, offer a trilateral coloured pencil or ergonomic crayons — perfect for ambidextrous use.
TRY: Merangue Pencil Grip, $2.96 (5/pack), Staples; Crayola Jumbo Triangular Coloured Pencils, $4.99 (10/pack), Staples; Left Right Ergonomic Crayons, $6.95 (10/pack),