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harmonized sales tax

College seeks HST exemption

The College will see its costs rise by more than $700,000 annually unless its request for an exemption from the harmonized sales tax (HST) is granted.

In a letter to Ontario Finance Minister Dwight Duncan, Registrar Michael Salvatori, OCT, said he hoped and expected the College would qualify for a rebate as a non-profit organization that operates in the public interest within the MUSH (municipal, universities and colleges, school boards and hospitals) sector.

The government has said that the HST will be made revenue neutral for qualifying bodies in the MUSH sector.

“When we last set the College fee, we did not anticipate – and could not have foreseen – that the GST and PST would be combined and extended to many of the goods and services we require,” says Salvatori.

The College will keep you posted regarding the Finance Minister’s response.