Governing Ourselves

Governing Ourselves informs members of legal and regulatory matters affecting the profession. This section provides updates on licensing and qualification requirements, notification of Council resolutions and reports from various Council committees, including reports on accreditation and discipline matters.


Laurier’s consecutive program conditions removed

The Accreditation Committee has removed all program conditions in the Junior/Intermediate divisions of teacher education at Wilfrid Laurier University.

The committee attached the conditions last year to Laurier’s consecutive program of teacher education to teach Grades 4 to 6 and Grades 7 to 10. The committee reviewed documents provided by the faculty of education’s dean and determined that the conditions had been fully satisfied. The conditions required that the dean provide finalized course outlines and more information about the practicum and faculty expertise related to the addition to the program.

The conditions were imposed June 11, 2009 and removed at the committee’s February 4–5, 2010 meeting.

The full decision report is available on the College web site.