Supplies in demand - Best teacher tested classroom supplies

Need classroom products but don’t have the budget? To help you make the best back-to-school purchases, we asked teachers to test dozens of supplies in their classrooms. Here’s what they found worked best.

Photography by Michael Alberstat | Props styling by Stephanie Saunders/Judy Inc.
Produced by Dana Dougherty Reinke.

A Dream Desk - 'It’s handy having the flag right on the highlighting pen!' - Amanda Miles-Berry, OCT, Pine Ridge Secondary

Brushed Nickel Lamp

$ 34.99 Homesense

Large inlay box

$ 17.95

Magnetic storage tin


Super Sticky Removeable Label Roll, Post-it


Ruler with Microban, Westcott


Coloured chalk, Crayola

$1.39 /educators

Sticky notes


Wite-Out Mini, correcting tape, Bic


Papermate Ink Joy Retractable ballpoint pens, Papermate

$5.51 for 8

Silver box


Exercise book, Hilroy


Flag highlighter, Post-it

$8.96 for 3

Notepad, Martha Stewart


Mini NoteTabs, Avery

$3.46 for 40

Adhesive flags, Post-it

$10.30 for 150

Thermal ceramic mug


Silver photo frame




Small inlay box


Desktop drawer, Martha Stewart



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