Supplies in demand - Best teacher tested classroom supplies

Need classroom products but don’t have the budget? To help you make the best back-to-school purchases, we asked teachers to test dozens of supplies in their classrooms. Here’s what they found worked best.

Photography by Michael Alberstat | Props styling by Stephanie Saunders/Judy Inc.
Produced by Dana Dougherty Reinke.

'The geometry set is very visible on the board!' - Mila Schueler, OCT, Pine Ridge, Secondary School

Five-piece dry erase geometry set, Westcott


Geometry set, Westcott


Multi-Purpose Brushes, Sax

$21.99 for 7

Brite Liner Grip, highlighters, Bic

$21.99 for 7

Travel mug


See-Through Sticky Notes, Avery

$4.99 for 60

Construction paper, Hilroy


Pencil sharpener, Staedtler


Lined ultra notes, Post-it

$14.10 for 3

PileSmart poly project sorter, Pendaflex


Original Magnetic Hooks, Learning Resources

$14.99 for package of 5

On The Edge, refill paper, Hilroy

125-page pack, $3.29

Splat! ruler with Microban, Westcott


Velocity Gel Retractable Rollerpens, Bic

$6.25 for 4


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