Supplies in demand - Best teacher tested classroom supplies

Need classroom products but don’t have the budget? To help you make the best back-to-school purchases, we asked teachers to test dozens of supplies in their classrooms. Here’s what they found worked best.

Photography by Michael Alberstat | Props styling by Stephanie Saunders/Judy Inc.
Produced by Dana Dougherty Reinke.

'Mabel’s labels stayed on while wet, frozen, hot and being tossed around. I’m thrilled with them and would buy many more! What a great teacher gift!' - Marianne Van Werde-Bailly, OCT, St.John Catholic School, Oakville

Cardboard storage box, Ikea


Chalkboard labels, Martha Stewart

$5.99 for 12

Blue storage box, Ikea




Martha Stewart ElastiNote Tags

$3.99 for 12

Mounting tape, Scotch


Greener Page Markers, Post-it

$4.86 for 200

Chalkboard eraser, Westcott


Glass water bottle


Hardcover journal, Martha Stewart


File pocket, Martha Stewart


Personalized labels, Mabel's Labels


iPad, Apple

from $399

Desk organizer, Ikea Kvissle


Flag pen and highlighter, Post-it


Accordion file, Martha Stewart


Mosaic photo frame


Velocity Mechanical Pencils, Bic

$3.12 for 2

Thermal mug



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